Scriptophobia Forum Use Guidelines

Welcome to the Scriptophobia forums, a space designed for thoughtful connection and discussion among writers. To ensure a constructive and respectful environment, our forums adhere to a set of guidelines detailed below. Breaching these rules may result in post deletion or membership suspension without notice.

Applicability Across Forums

Our conduct guidelines apply universally—encompassing both public discourse in our forums and within both public and private group discussions. Unlike submissions for critiques, forum participation is regulated by these specific rules, complementing our Author and Critiquer Codes of Conduct.

Restricted Topics in Main Forums

To maintain focus and harmony, discussions on politics or religion are not permitted in our six primary public forums, including humor and passing references.

Member-managed groups are exempt; however, adherence to the broader Code of Conduct remains obligatory. Research queries for writing projects that border on these restricted topics are allowed, provided they remain factual and do not incite further debate.

Interpretations of what falls under “politics” will evolve, focusing on current, recent, or contentious issues. Historical politics, on the other hand, are generally permissible. Our moderators reserve the final judgment on these distinctions.

Community Etiquette

  • Respectful Discourse: Ensure your contributions are polite and encouraging. Difficulty in interpreting tone online, especially with sarcasm, warrants extra care to prevent unintended offense.

  • Topic Relevance: Stay on subject to maintain thread integrity and clarity. Off-topic diversions dilute discussion quality and can frustrate original post authors.

  • Privacy of Others: Refrain from publicly airing grievances about individual members or their actions, even anonymously. This practice fosters negativity and potential conflict.

  • Writing Submissions: The forums are not the appropriate venue for sharing your writings. Our platform’s critique system, which uses karma points, is designed for this purpose.

  • Moderator Decisions: Our moderators strive to preserve forum standards. While their actions may sometimes provoke disagreement, we ask for your respect and compliance. For inquiries or concerns regarding moderation, please engage with us directly via private communication.

  • No Advertising: We discourage using the forums for advertisement, as this tends to detract from the community experience. Sharing personally unaffiliated resources of potential interest is acceptable.

Universal Politeness

In confrontational scenarios, maintaining politeness is paramount. Retaliatory or defensive behaviors contribute to a negative atmosphere. Should you encounter inappropriate conduct, utilize the “Bad Post” feature or contact us through the provided form for resolution.

Together, adhering to these guidelines will ensure our forums remain a nurturing and enriching space for all members of Scriptophobia to engage and grow.