Scriptophobia's Guidelines for Balanced Critiquing

At Scriptophobia, we believe that constructive feedback is the cornerstone of literary growth. Our guidelines are designed to help critiquers provide feedback that is both helpful and humane, ensuring a nurturing environment for writers to flourish.

Honor the Author’s Emotional Investment

Writing is a labor of love, and authors pour their hearts into their work. As a critiquer, wield your influence with empathy, avoiding comments that could feel like personal attacks. Respect the vulnerability required to share one’s writing.

Maintain an Objective Perspective

Critiques should be focused on the work, not the writer. Avoid subjective judgments that could feel personal. Remember, you’re reviewing a piece of writing, not evaluating the author’s worth. Treat all authors with the respect they deserve, irrespective of your views on their work.

Mind Your Tone

The written word lacks the nuance of face-to-face conversation, making it easy for intended jokes or sarcasm to be misinterpreted. Strive for clarity and kindness in your critiques to avoid any miscommunication or hurt feelings. A respectful tone fosters a positive reviewing experience.

Foster Encouragement

While the goal of a critique is to highlight areas for improvement, it’s equally crucial to motivate the author. Highlight strengths and potential as much as weaknesses. Remind the authors that every great writer was once in their shoes, learning from feedback.

Exemplify Civility

Not all writers are prepared to face criticism, and responses can sometimes be defensive or negative. In such cases, respond with grace. If a conversation turns disrespectful, resist the urge to retaliate. Report any hostile behavior to our team, and we will address it. Your dignity and the community’s well-being are our top priorities.

Adhering to these principles will help Scriptophobia stay a supportive space where writers can confidently share their work and grow from constructive criticism. Let’s build each other up and celebrate the journey of writing together.