Author Code of Conduct

Scriptophobia’s Guide to Constructive Critique Engagement

At Scriptophobia, we believe in the power of feedback to mold authors into their best selves. This guide is dedicated to fostering a respectful interaction as both a provider and recipient of critiques, ensuring our community remains a supportive space for writers of all levels.

Embrace the Spirit of Improvement

Remember, critiques are not personal attacks. They’re opportunities for growth. Our members invest their time in reviewing your work with the sole aim of helping you refine your craft. They’re not aware of your personal story; their focus is on how to elevate your writing.

Express Your Appreciation

Receiving constructive feedback is a privilege. Acknowledge the time and effort spent by others in reviewing your work thoughtfully. A simple “thank you” goes a long way, even if the critique isn’t what you hoped for.

Responding with Grace

It’s natural for certain critiques to hit close to home. If you find yourself stirred by feedback, take a moment. Allow yourself some time to process before responding. Jumping into a defensive stance can deter future feedback and sour community relationships.

Cultivate Compassion

For many, critiquing is uncharted territory. If a critique seems lacking, consider this an opportunity for dual growth. Offer guidance and encouragement to help them hone their skill, rather than meet them with hostility.

Prioritize Politeness

No matter the circumstance, civility is key. If you encounter objectionable conduct, resist the urge to retaliate. Preserve your dignity and the community’s integrity by reporting the issue to our team. We’re here to maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Together, adhering to these principles ensures Scriptophobia remains a haven for writers seeking to evolve through constructive critique. Let’s continue to uplift each other, celebrating every step of our writing journeys.