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Welcome to scriptophobia

We are busy creating the system for you.

 Scriptophobia is a new and forward thinking writers' community. We are getting our site ready for you. This involves a lot of forward thinking programming using the latest languages and databases. We want the best experience for everyone, and will go to the ends of the earth to do so.

As we get the site ready, we encourage you to visit our cloud funding campagine and help out as best as you can.

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Scroptophobia will help you create better and cleaner manuscripts with amazing critiques from other writers


Our critique system is different than others. You cal lock your work to one cirtique at a time, or multiple if you wish


Premium members can put the holder on their work and a member will critique the whole manuscript before moving on to another


We continue to improve

Some sites are happy just being up and running. Not us. We're improving and adding more for our members.

manuscript hold

Speed through critiques

Your manuscript will hold the critiquer until they are finished. They agree to it and they will have no distractions.

free membership

Join for free

Yes, there is no cost to being a member. Join for free and start to polish your work with the help of others.

online learning

Scriptophobia college

Learn about the Oxford Comma, passive voice, repetition, and other writing mysteries in our college.

premium membership

Power up for very little

A premium membership will get you so much more! A personal stage, no limit to your work, and other goodies.


Secure and safe

Our server is secure and safe. Information is locked from prying eyes. See our lock and be assured.

key features

From basic to advanced, there are many things offered to help make an experience on Scriptophobia something you'll love. Just a few things we'll have at startup.

Discussion Forum

The exchange of ideas can spark creativity and build knowledge. Our disussion forums encourage members to reach out and share.

Online Critique

Our critique engine is top of the line and works just like MS Word using track changes. It allows your critiquer to leave notes and information for you.

Writing Groups

Join writing groups within our community and share your thoughts with like minded people. Get help from those in your genre.

future features

As Scriptophobia grows so will our features. From the simple to the advanced we are continually looking at adding new and exciting coding to the site.

Manuscript Formatting

Upload a word document or rich text format and it will be loaded into the system to create a print ready file and ebook that carry the same look and feel

Cover Art

Get amazing help on your cover art with the cover critiquer. Help from many fantasic people who will work with you to make your cover pop

Artist Connect

Get a perfect cover with our upcoming artist connect. Tell a group what you want and watch them show you what they can do.